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General Information
District Headquarter Bomdila
Administrative Sub-Divisions Bomdila, Rupa, Thrizino, Singchung, Dirang
Administrative Circles Dirang, Thembang, Kalaktang, Balemu, Shergaon, Bhalukpong, Jameri, Singchung, Nafra, Bomdila, Thrizino, Rupa
Development Blocks Dirang, Kalaktang, Nafra, Thrizino-Buragaon
Police Station Rupa, Dirang, Bhalukpong, Kalaktang, Balemu, Bomdila
WT Net Station, APP Rupa, Dirang, Bhalukpong, Kalaktang, Balemu, Bomdila, Nafra, Singchung, Thrizino
Fire Service Station Bomdila
West Kameng Location 91030' E to 92040' E Longitude and 26054' to 28001' N Latitude
Boundaries Surrounded by Tibet Region in the North, Bhutan in west, Tawang District in North-west and East Kameng District in the East. The southern bouondary adjoins Sonitpur District and Darang District of Assam
Area of the District 7422 sq. km.
No. of Towns Bomdila (1 No.)
No. of Villages
(as per 2001 census)
No. of Assembly Constituencies ( 4 Nos.) Dirang, Bomdila, Kalaktang, Thrizino-Buragaon
No. of Polling Stations 150 Nos.
No. of Electors after continuos updation as on 25-09-2009
Name of Assembly Constituency Male Female Total
4 - Dirang (ST) 6917 6755 13672
5 - Kalaktang (ST) 4812 4271 9083
6 - Thrizino-Buragaon(ST) 7934 6755 14689
7 - Bomdila (ST) 5707 5253 10960
Total 25370 23034 48404
Total no. of Service Voters 250 Nos.
Latest % of EPIC Coverage 89.20%
Latest % of residual electors 10.21%
Electors Population ratio 754
Total no. of critical polling stations 14 Nos.
Total no. of Hyper Sensitive Polling Stations 32 Nos.
Total no. of sensitive polling stations 31 Nos.
Polling Stations having lowest no. of electors 4 Nos. (at 21-Sikardanga under 5-Kalaktang (ST) AC)
Polling Stations having highest no. of electors 1670 Nos. (at 38-Bhalukpong under 6-Thrizino-Buragaon (ST) AC)
(as per 2001 census)
  Male Female Total
Schedule Caste 239 133 372
Schedule Tribe 18712 18239 36951
Sex Ratio 754 female per 1000 males
Decennial population growth
+ 32.21%
Population Density 10 persons per sq. km.
Literacy Rate 61.67% (71.02% Male & 48.56% Female)
Name of Indigenous Tribes Monpa. Miji, Aka, Sherdukpen, Bugun (Khawa)

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