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Asu Wangja Saat Raja Dig_with_Akas
Asu Wangja Gathering of Saat Rajas Dignitaries with Akas
Ajilhmau Aka lady with Lt.NSReddy Dancepartyuof Rupa
Sherdukpen Ajilhamu Dance Aka Cultural Team at Delhi Rupa Dance team at Delhi
Ajilhmauof Rupa From Archives With Radha Krishna
Rupa Ajilhamu dance troupe with Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Dignitaries at Delhi in Sherdukpen Woman Cap Sherdukpen Team with Dr. Radha Krishna
Sherdukpen Rajas with British View of a Sherdukpen Village Sherdukpen Rajas with British
Sherdukpen Rajas with British High Official Sherdukpensploughing with Bullocks Sherdukpen Raajs with British Officials
Saat Raja Ceremony Saat Raja Ceremony of Sherdukpens Rupa Troupe with VVIPS at Delhi
A Ceremony of Saat Rajas in a Sherdukpne Area Saat Rajas going for posa Rupa Cultural Troupe with dignitaries in Delhi
Indira Gandhi with Dance troupe of Kam,eng District Shergaon Dance Troupe at Delhi Shergaon Dance Troupe at Delhi
Kameng Cultural Team with Lt (Mrs.) Indira Gandhi Shergaon Cultural Troupe with Dignitaries in Delhi Shergaon Dance troupe in Delhi
Shergaon Dance Troupe at Delhi with Giani Zail Singh Dance Troupe at Delhi Scene of Sherdukpen Village in 60s
Shergaon Dance troupe in Delhi with Lt. Giani Zail singh Kameng team with Dr. Radha Krishna Scene of Sherdukpen village in 60s
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