Er. N. Konya
Executive Engineer,PHED & WS
  West Kameng District, Bomdila.

: -
                   The Department of Public Health Engineering and Water Supply (PHED) as on today is sole authorized executing agency to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in supplying drinking water to all form of consumers in the state. The department has well equipped with technical and non-technical staff posted at all major establishment and gang-men in every cluster of rural habitations of the District. The Department of PHE & W/S on the other way can be called as Transporter of water in between natural source and home. In general, to access potable water to all, the schemes are provided with major components like 1.Headwork preferably drop-in-let type for diversion, screening of debris and intake/tapping point at source, 2. Pre-sedimentation tank to dislodge coarse particles, 3. Secondary sedimentation tank to remove fine grains and other suspended particles, 4. Filtration structure to remove toxic particles consists of chemically and biologically harmful agent stained with water, 5. Clear water reservoir from where it is directly fed to consumers, 6. Conveyance networks between all components and reach up-to outlet, 7. Aerator for oxidization or to mix carbon contains in water with air and 8. Public Stand Post or hydrant post for each 25 souls at common junction/nodal point.
The activities of the department are not only confining in water problems, in recent time it has been widen to tackle the allied problems like health-hygiene, sanitation and water quality monitoring and surveillance. In doing so, individual house-hold for BPL people, anganwadi and school toilets, community sanitary complex, etc. are being provided at problem identified place besides imparting awareness on its negative impact to general life.


                   As usual since inception, the department had left no stone un-turn to re-fine the words” save a drop of water and quench the thirst of millions” by goes on to achieve the following schemes despite all odds.

At Thrizino-Buragaon Block: -

                  Under this block, total of 13 Nos. water supply schemes were completed at per capita cost of Rs. 14,483/- to serve/cater 4629 Souls.  One of the schemes under this block meant for Bhalukpong administration center funded under Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programmed was visited by Smti Sila Nair, Secretary, DDWS, GOI, in last part of April’08 and had highly appreciated over works qualities and for being matched in par with rest of the country (plz refer photo features).

At Nafra Block; Under this block, total of 1 No. water supply scheme were completed at per capita cost of Rs. 15,808/- to serve/cater 240 Souls.

At Kalaktang Block; Under this block, total of 9 Nos. water supply schemes were completed at per capita cost of Rs. 10,270/- to serve/cater 1798 Souls.

At Dirang Block; Under this block, total of 6 Nos. water supply schemes were completed at per capita cost of Rs. 13,278/- to serve/cater 1925 Souls.

                  A cumulative achievement under Total Sanitation Programe are; 252 units of school toilets, 111 units Balwadi toilets, 579 units of individual house-hold latrine and 5 units of community sanitary complex are completed so far.

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