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West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh is lying approximately between 91′ 30 to 92’40 East Longitudes and 26 54′ to 28′ 01 North latitudes. This Horticulture potential District is surrounded by Tibet region of China in the North, Bhutan in the West and Tawang and East Kameng in the Northwest and East respectively. The Southern border adjoins Sonitpur District of Assam.
The Topography of the District is mostly mountainous and greater part falls within higher mountain Zone consisting a mass tangled peaks and valleys. There are three mountain ranges namely Sela range, Bomdila range and foot hills range. The Sela range runs between 14000 to 15000 feet high above MSL. The Bomdila range 9000 feet MSL and foot hills range havinghills of quite low altitudes and the area are mostly plains.
The District is, situated within the temperate zone. The factor that determines the type of crops depends on height, direction and the nature of Soil. Although the District lies close to the tropic, it furnishes every gradation of climate, from the sultry suffocating tropical heat of foot hills area to the Arctic cold of show clad peak. Thus climate is hot and humid up to 4000 in the southern area, temperature up to 7000 and cold beyond it. Humidity is generally – throughout the year, the winter months being less humid.The Horticulturist, West Kameng District, Bomdila is the administrative head of the state Horticulture Farm Shergaon. The farm serves as a elite institution for gardening of temperate fruit crops.


The farm is located at Shergaon, which is 65 km away from the Bomdila on Rupa-Kalaktang road.




Temperate Climate

  1. Altitude: – 6200 ft. to 7200 ft. above MSL.
  2. Topography:- Medium to high slope.
  3. Soil:- Loamy, Clay, Sandy loam with pH range of 5.5 to 6.5.
  4. Temperature:- (-) 3.5°c to 30° c.
  5. Rainfall:- 1580 cm Average annual rain fall.


  • Improvement of production and quality of temperate fruit crops.
  • Production of true to type planting materials of temperate fruit crops to cater demands of local farmers.
  • Transfer of Technology.


Apple is the main fruit crop grown at the farm. A total of 24 varieties of apple are grown. Besides apple minor fruit crop such as Plum, Pears, Chestnut, Cherry, Walnut, Pessimon are also grown in the farm.


State Horticulture farm, Shergaon, has participated in the “ALL INDIA APPLE SHOW” held at Nainital in 1995 and bagged 10 (ten) prizes ( 7 first prizes and 3 second prizes) for their quality parameters.


  1. Apple 1800 Ha. 200 MT
  2. Kiwi 600 Ha. 150 MT
  3. Orange 200 Ha. 150 MT
  4. Plum 30 Ha. 15 MT
  5. Walnut 500 Ha. 40 MT
  6. Pears 45 Ha. 50 MT
  7. Other Fruits 70 Ha. 140 MT
  8. Aromatic and Medicinal Plants – 277 Ha.


  • Rupa Chillipam, Apple, Kiwi Orchards and scenic beauty.
  • Dirang Zimthung, Namthung, Khaso, Apple, Kiwi Orchards.
  • Singchung Ramalingam, Apple, Kiwi Orchards.
  • Bomdila Wangho, Sera, 5 Mile, 9 Mile, Apple, Kiwi Orchards.
  • Shergaon SHF Shergaon, Lungsampu hii, Apple, Cherry, Plum, Chestnut,
    Pears, Persimon, Kiwi Orchards.
  • Kalaktang Samphung, Boha, Kiwi, Orange Orchards.
  • Nafra Saddle, Kiwi Orchards.
  • Salari GHF, Kiwi, Grapes, Orange, Kinnow Orchards.

Cultivation of Tomato, Cabbage, Chilli, by the people of Rupa, Bomdila, Singchung, Dirang, Nafra and Shergaon has become way of Sustenance of the people of West Kameng District, production of Rose and Cymbidium Orchid of export quality is also gradually flourishing.
The Department of Horticulture, of Bomdila is also reaching out each and every comer of the District viewing the feasibility of the Area by various types of scheme through the concern HDO’s of the Circle. It is providing Hi – Tech Green House, Drip-irrigation system in already established garden and also Community water tank, practice of Organic farming by providing earthworm culture is also done.