National Informatics Centre

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Er. P. K. Thungon Principal System Analyst/ Scientist – D/ District Informatics Officer 03782-222267 03782-223848

National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Department of Information Technology is providing network backbone and e-Governance support to Central Government, State Governments, UT Administrations, Districts and other Government bodies. It offers a wide range of ICT services including Nationwide Communication Network for decentralised planning, improvement in Government services and wider transparency of national and local Governments. NIC assists in implementing Information Technology Projects, in close collaboration with Central and State Governments, in the areas of (a) Centrally sponsored schemes and Central sector schemes, (b) State sector and State sponsored projects, and (c) District Administration sponsored projects. NIC endeavours to ensure that the latest technology in all areas of IT is available to its users.

National Informatics Center Bomdila, West Kameng District Unit was established in the year 1994. It statrted with a very small room and very limited resources. The computers used that time were only 386 and it was in DOS mode. So, it was very difficult to run the NIC that time. Slowly and slowly it grew more with equipments and systems and NICNET facility with much higher speed than it had initially. As in case of most districts, it was initially very difficult to movitate the people, but in span of few years it brought a change in the attitude of staff of the district administration. NIC Bomdila has provided internet connection to almost every branch in DC’s establisment and other offices near by in NIC through LAN connection. Some of the offices have been provided internet connection through dail-up connection using RAS Finder.

Information Technology has emerged as one of the most significant sectors contributing to the Nation’s growth in the last decade of this century. The initiative of the Government in setting up MIT stems from the realization that IT is the key area for catalyzing the economic activities, improving governance and the overall quality of life in the new millennium. Informatics is the combination of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication. Computers play an important role in the information flow from the implementation to the planners at the highest level. NIC utilizes both for compiling and disseminating data.

The foremost task of NIC in the District is to generate computer awareness among the officers, to promote the informatics culture and to create databases of important nature for District Administration & State Government. It operates as an Informatics Service oriented organization providing hardware and processing supports to various Departments in the district.

Computers cannot run by themselves and it is the human factor, which counts most in any computerization effort. Trained manpower is the most essential requisite. In order to build up adequate force of trained manpower, NIC organizes training programmes on computer awareness and software utility for staffs of the District Administration. Since every part of the world is now connected through internet and almost every news, examination and results are declared through websites, NIC West Kameng is not behind providing this oppurtunity to the students and the people in the district. Every year NIC helps the schools, colleges and examinars to obtain CBSE result, NTSE, UPSC, IGNOU, National Open Schooling result, NERIST, IIT JEE, Arunachal Pradesh JEE, AIEEE, CBSE PMT result, APPSC result, applying for jobs, applying for entrance examinations, JNV entrance results and AFMC results.

NIC helps branches and departments in implementing projects and problems related to hardware and software. NIC also imparts training related to Information Technology viz. how to operate to novoice and advance computer training to those who have some knowledge.

Projects under e-Governance initiatives:

  • Tizarat:
    The Trading License Management System for General Administration Branch of District Administration, West Kameng District, Bomdila was launched in the year 2010 and is successfully implemented in the district.
  • e-Swasthya:
    It is an application software developed by National Informatics Centre, West Kameng District Centre to computerize OPD registration at District Hospital Bomdila and Other Health Centres of the District. The system has the facility to store patients alongwith their diagnosis history, thus facilitating diagnosis on subsequent visit. The system is being integrated with billing system to generate bills for various Investigation services being carried out on the patients. The reporting system can be used to track the number and types of patients visiting the hospital everyday and can be further used to study the occurrence of any particular disease in the district.
  • Service Plus:
    Under the Digital India Initiative people can now avail the facility of Service Plus Portal through which they can apply for Marriage Certificate, Schedule Tribe Certificate, Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC), Income Certificate, Temporary Residence Certificate (TRC), Dependent Certificate and Character Certificate through the portal. Marriage Certificate was launched in the month of May 2016.
  • TreasuryNet:
    TreasuryNet was launched on 5th May 2017 in the district, which is a Web based application for treasury accounting system, which caters to the needs of Finance department. Treasury accounting system consists of payments and receipts transacted by the state treasury department on behalf of state government. The project also covers many other sub-systems operated in the treasuries apart from the main accounting system.
    The electronic Annual Performance Appraisal Report (SPARROW) is an online system based on the comprehensive performance appraisal dossier that is maintained for each member of the Service by the State Government / Central Government.
  • Service Desk:
    Using this feature people can now register their complaints regarding network issues, web issues which are being looked after by NIC district unit and it is successfully running.
  • Jeevan Pramaan:
    It is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners. Pensioners of Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization can take benefit of this facility.
  • Transport Project:It is an in-house software developed by National Informatics Centre for the Department of Road and Surface Transport. Using this software the registration of vehicles is being computerised so that a database of the Vehicles registered in the District can be created and the same can be issued in duplicates as and when needed by the owner of the vehicle. This software not only removes the maintenance of registers in bulk by the department but also checks in adverant mistakes created by the officers/clerks. It also checks duplicay of number allocations to the vehicle owners and also maintains proper database of all types of vehicles. The numbers issued to each and every vehicle is automatucally decided by the software itself and hence there is no question of partiality and favourism. It has also the facility for choosing the vehicle number but with proper government guidelines.Sarathi is also an in-house production of National Informatics Centre developed for the Department of Road and Surface Transport. Using this application software the records of the licence holders the database is created which can be used for future discrepencies and other related problems if any. So, it removes the bulk storage and maintenance of registers and also improves the working efficiency of the employees in the Department. Using this software one cannot get the required licence unless and untill he or she is personally present as the applicant has to register his or her Thumb/Fingerprint, Photo and has to sign the licence using fingerprint machine, Web-cam and Signature pad. It has all the applications which can issue all types of licences issued by RTO/DTO of the District. The back-end platform of the package is Red Hat Linux and Oracle 10g as its database.Both these application softwares work on client-server technology.
  • Payroll Software:
    It is an inhouse application software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Arunachal Pradesh State Centre for complete computerization of Salary Disbursement process.The software is specially designed on the basis of requirements given by the State Government Departments. It has provisions for generating Challans, Bill Extract, Schedules, Salary Statements etc.It not only reduces the time but also increases the efficiency of the staffs working in the accounts section. It creates the database of all the employees with the details of the salary and deductions. Earlier it use to take weeks to prepare pay bills of the staff and hence one person was completely engaged in the preparation of salary. It has all the necessary forms needed for processing of salary and hence there is no requirement of manual work except in entering the details of the employees and other necessary information’s for generation of pay bills.
  • Video Conferencing Facility:
    The VC systems in the district was established in the year 2005. So far there have been many VC sessions in the district. During Assembly Election 2009, there was a VC session, which not only saved the time but also effectively held a online VC session of DC Cum DEO of the District with the CEC and CEO, Arunachal Pradesh.
  • CIPA (Common Integrated Police Application):
    The Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) is a multilingual application to automate the processes at primary sources of data itself e.g. Police Station and to build a crime and criminal information system based on CrPC. It provides an efficient way of organizing crime records for generating queries/reports and crime analysis for decision support. The CIPA Software developed in JAVA and implemented under open source environment viz. Linux (OS), Postgres (RDBMS).
  • e-Mail IDs of DC/SP/HoDs and Admin Officers:
    e-Mail Ids have been provided for almost all the HoDs of the District so that every one in the district can directly write to the concerned. It not only saves time but also maintains the efficiency and transparency in the system.With the advent of ICT, it not only the functioning of the system but also systematize the flow of the work in proper manner. It has helped in conveying the messages in a very short time and in very economical way.
  • Migration of District Portal to S3WaaS Platform:
    Official District portal of West Kameng has been successfully migrated to S3WaaS platform.